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Rogersville Lions Club

Rogersville Lions Club is charted by the Lions Club International, the world's largest service club organization. The motto of the Rogersville Lions Club is "We Serve". Members are dedicated to serving those in need locally mainly through vision screenings but also in a variety of other local needs such as pre-diabetic screening , and a fairly new emphasis in hearing aid services.

Volunteer Opportunities

What We Do


                   Rogersville Lions Club's major emphasis is  vision screenings of young children in day care centers, pre schools, kindergartens, and elementary schools .  


We began using Keystone cameras years ago and now we use digital cameras which are much easier to use and give us quicker results.


Our goal is to identify vision concerns early on.  We also work with local optometrists to identify children and elderly who are uninsured or underinsured to receive vision exams and glasses.



(423) 272-7354

Good For

  • Any Skill Level​

  • Individuals & Groups

  • Adults 18 and older rches

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