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Rogersville Laundry Ministry

RLM began August 11, 2016 with the First Christian Church providing services one time per month only, at one location, & only for 2 hours. As word grew, we were serving more, but not able to provide for the growing need.  As of March 2018, other churches joined & we are now able to provide service weekly at both laundromat locations in Rogersville.  

Each weekly session costs between $100 - S250 at each location, depending on the number of participants.  


Mission: To provide assistance with a basic need that people in our community have- clean clothes! 

Volunteer Opportunities

What We Do


         We provide free laundry services for those in need.  


We give detergent and quarters for anyone who needs them to come wash their clothes 1 night per week at 2 locations.

We do not ask for verification of need. We have a place on the sign in sheet for prayer requests, should they have any so we can pray for those that we serve.


The Lord provides funds for us from community/business donations of money & product, and church donations. Benefits of this ministry are many – improved self-esteem for the consumers and their children, being exposed to Christ-like behavior with nothing demanded in return, prayer for their needs, building good relationships in the community.  Benefits for volunteers – just stop by any Thursday evening & you will understand!




It has been great to see different churches work together for a common goal. They all see this need and work together to meet it every week. It's great to see God's church at work.

Cris, Volunteer 

Good For

  • Any Skill Level​

  • Families & Groups

  • Teens and Adults

  • Churches

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