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God's Blueprints

God's Blueprints is a 501c3 nonprofit serving the homeless community of Hawkins County through Jesus Christ, interjecting The Gospel into their lives while meeting physical needs to transition them into stable housing and life skills.  We provide Christ-centered guidance in negotiating life's struggles while without permanent housing to include addiction recovery, financial planning, relationship management, and mental & physical health management. 

Volunteer Opportunities

What We Do

God's Blueprints operates a Day Center where individuals can shower, eat a nutritious meal, receive Christian spiritual guidance, and participate in one-on-one counseling for addiction recovery and other homeless related issues.




P.O. Box 653

205 S Armstrong Rd

Rogersville, TN 37857

I have never realized how hard it is to be homeless.

I always thought that the homeless were just drug addicts and criminals, my heart is broken.


Good For

  • Any Skill Level​

  • Adults 

  • Seniors 

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